Malika Jalali High School Weekly Activities

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There was a meeting with parents of students from (1-6) classes last week; the meeting was about the lessons of students, and the office consulted with students’ parents about the studying level of students. There was a meeting with municipality about the cleanliness of school, and the educational manager of the Malake- Jalali High School attended in, and discussed about hygiene in the school. The school teachers and students held a celebration about the mother’s day.

The students got training of the internet introduction, the reason of Internet studying and the goals of studying. They started learning communication via the internet. The students are very happy to learn the internet, the communication via the internet, social media and learning how to solve their problems in.

The next week studying will be on the internet studying practically.


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Malake Jalali is located on Godam Street in front of the big Masque of Herat, Afghanistan. It has 3270 Students, 101 teachers and 2 buildings.

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