Malpractice in examinations

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Malpractice means making use of foul and unfair means in doing something.Malpractice has become a vogue in walk of life in our country.It is destroying the roots of the institutions of our country.It is infact a great misfortune for our people that everyone of us is thinking negatively and selfishly instead of thinking for the welfare of country.

                 Use of unfair means in the examinations have become very common for the last fifteen or twenty years in our educational institutions.One or two weeks before the commencement of examination,not only the students but their parents become also active.They try to detect the names of the examiner and make contact with them.They approach the superintendent and other supervisory staff through their friends and relatives.

                  When the exams comes closer,students makes the best use of their minds in planning how get through the examination.They make preparation for this purpose by getting micro photo copies of important questions.Undercloyhing with big pockets are sewn an dlong socks are bought so that a lot of copying material could be stored in them.The invigilators are bribed in various ways and anvited to the dinners etc.Sometimes those with itching palms are given money and gifts so that they may overlook the candidate while copying.In short,no stone is left unturned in order to get the favour of the person performing the examination duty.Infuential man try to get the favour of all the staff members right from the superintendent down to the water carrier.When the examiner is over rich and influential people purses their answer books and try to get good marks for their sons and daughters both.In practical examinations also they spend their money lavishly and show their sympathies with the examiner so as to get his favour.

                    The above mentioned unfair means are infact some of the method the people use in getting through the examinations.It is indeed the use of illegal ways and means in the exams that have dishearted the intelligent studentsThe standard of education is going from bad to worse in spite of the government efforts to check malpractice in exams centre.The board authority spend a lot of money in sending inspection team to the centres of examinations but still the students along with their parents try their best to get good marks in examinations by hook or by crook. 

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