Man Has Heart Attack On Plane And Is Saved By Passengers

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So I read a story about a man that was recently saved by three people. A doctor, a policeman and a pharmacist. All three of these happened to be passengers on this plane when this man ended up going into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Monks, and anesthesiologist, heard when the passenger began complaining of chest pains, and when he got to him he said the pain was in his ears and gums. By that time he had lost consciousness, causing Dr. Monks to start chest compression on the man. When he shouted for help, the policeman and the pharmacist rushed over to aid the man quickly.

Like something out of a movie, the policeman administered CPR to the man allowing Dr. Monks to monitor the passengers airways. While they were doing this a flight attendant rushed over with a defibrillator. They managed to shock his heart back into rhythm but he had more issues later on.

The pharmacist, who had worked in an intensive care unit then issued adrenaline and adjusted the levels as instructed by Dr. Monks. They managed to keep the man alive until the plane landed. He was then rushed to the nearby hospital, given medicine and made a full recovery.

Every year there are about 1,000 heart attacks on planes and the rate of someone having a heart attack on your plane is more likely than the plane crashing. Thank goodness in this case the passenger was ok and will probably never ride a plane again.

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