Man is the architect of his own life

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It is so well said by someone that a man  himself the architect of his fortune and fate.If a person wants to achieve something in his life than he has to work with full dedication because only then he will be able to achieve that state of life which he wanted to.When a person loose hope than definitely he will not be able to become a successful person.A man gets everything as a reward of his own actions.One must should desire to become a good man.A child desires to fly a car car in the air.There can be no limits to one's desires if the person is passionate towards his desires.



He builds he life as he wants to.But he must should have a purposeful aim of life.If a man works with full devotion than success will definitely come to him.One must should possess energy and merits to achieve his goals.Some people think that their efforts will let them out of that groove but it is because God has already decided whole of their life.He blames the things instead of changing himself which completely ruins his life because if a person wants a change then first he has to change his inner.



Surendranath Banerjee has so well said that:

                          ''Knock and the door will open for you''

A man is not brave until he suffers the pains and the pangs patiently .Only such a man is diligent and active.So,a life of a person totally depends on his own deeds.

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