Man Made Fibers

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                                                                                                                                                                Man-made fibers are the fibers which we cannot make naturally.There are two types of these fibers.The first one is synthetic fiber and the second one is regenerated fiber.Man-made synthetic fibers are petrochemical based fibers and the regenerated man-made fibers are cellulosic based fibers.Both have natural source,but we cannot obtained the fibers from the surces whatever we prepare the fibers.

Synthetic fibers further have been categorized in five types.The first type is polyester,the second type is nylone,the third type is acrylic,the fourth type is carbon and the fifth and last type is elastomer.These five are the most commonly used man-made fibers.There are also some other types of these fibers.For the preparation of man-made synthetic fibers,first of all we obtained the monomers from the petrochemicals.

The monomers having shorter chain length of carbon atoms.Therefore we convert them into polymers by a process which may be condensation or simply addition.The polymers then passed out by a spinning process in which we select the desired shape.After the preparation of polymers,they passed out from a filter by which we separate out the solid particles from these polymers,so that they can never create any problem in the spinning process.

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