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Mango is the king of fruits, this is a famous fruit and very rich in taste, texture and nutrients. Mango is widely cultivated in subcontinent. Mango has many types which are well know due to their attractive color and taste and are countless.

each and every kind has its own taste and importance that cannot be condemned. Carry is green mango sourer in taste and used to make pickle. Mango pickle is vary delicious and is served with food. Unripe mangoes are also used in chutnnes as side dish.Ripe mango is sweet taste and is used in many cousins like sauce mango shake, mango lasi, mango juice etc. mango is widely used in making shakes ice-cream, vinegar  and  smoothies. Mango is used on the ice cream as toping. Green mangoes are used as salad.

The energy value of mango is 250 kj it contains allot of nutrients, it contains carbohydrates, vitamin A and C in large amount. It is very effective in production of blood, digestive system, flue and it makes your skin soft and glowing. In mango vitamins are in large amount as compared to other fruits. Apple mango is the kind of mango and is contain more nutrients than mango. Apple mango is like mango and apple in texture is looks like apple but its colour and internal looks is like mango.

Mango gives energy to our body and is very effective for stomach, chest, lungs, heart and brain. Mango should be eaten after and meal avoids eating mango without meal. Mango is favourite fruit for children elder , teens, every one like mango. Mango is used for pigmentation and for skin cancer

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