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 You ever realize the impact that animals have on your health, specifically dogs? I have a little pup of my own at home who’s a little Chihuahua and Yorkshire-Terrier mix.


I’ve heard from others regarding the emotional impact that animals can have on you and your mental health but you never truly believe something unless you experience it on your own.


And honestly, they were all right. Dogs have the ability to really lighten your mood and comfort you if you feel sad or annoyed. They have this inner goodness in them. It may be because they can’t speak English. Actually, the University of Missouri study, blood levels of the brain chemicals serotonin and oxytocin rose when non dog-owners petted an animal for just a few minutes.


Pups are natural stress-relievers for us. They are always happy to see us when we come home, they love human contact especially when you rub their bellies and they are very good listeners. There are fluffy fur-balls of comfort and love.  I want to slightly go back to the listening benefit. I do believe one of the main reasons why we connect with dogs so much is yes, they are furry and they wag their tails when they see us, which are all great things. But, the main thing is they don’t talk back, well they may, but we won’t understand them. We can understand their body language for the most part for instance, when they’re hungry or need to go for a walk.

Imagine if dogs talked back to you and you can understand, would the relationship be the same? Of course not, dog owners love speaking to their dogs, at times having full conversations with them as a therapeutic method of sorts. Dogs are remarkable animals and their devotion to their partner-in-crime aka owners is remarkable. Dogs have shown consistently that if they are shown a little bit of love, they will respond with a lot of love.

My little Dino does not adore me as much as his chosen best friend, my mom, but nonetheless, he is a therapist in his own way for my entire family; so, you don’t have to be a dog-owner, but try to meet with some friendly pups, they help more than you’d think.

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