Many Filipinos are doing great in #bitlanders

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    I joined in this site almost 5 months ago. I feel happy every time I receive my treasure box worth only 0.002 bitcoins. I have few Filipino subscribers before mostly are from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and very few from Singapore, Romania , Japan and United Kingdom. It took me almost a month an a half to get my first redemption. I really exerted more effort here to reach my present status. Having a very poor internet reception is really hard specially if you are downloading, watching or sharing videos but I still manage to be active as much as possible. Since I had hard time in posting in other categories mostly my post are only microblogs. To cope up with this considered weakness I focused more on sharing, influence and interacting and sometimes go to bitlanders shop to increase my score. Based on my present result I think I've done a good job. At present my bonus is averaging to 0.004 bitcoins or approximately P40 per day. It's quite a good sideline earnings for me.

     Actually the purpose of my other social media sites like Facebook and twitter are for sharing post from here. I always use my twitter since it is easier to share there for those who have slow internet. I even tried other sites like this but I might say that this is the fastest earning site so far. Compared to other paying social media sites this is far better. If you will visit my Facebook account everyday post you will see is from bitlanders. Am I loyal here or what? Lol. What I really like here is the interaction, I feel like I'm just talking with my friends.

     I have many referrals here actually but I cannot count them all since not all of them appear on my referrals section. Many of them became inactive after two months without redemption but if they pursue this again they will have their redemption soon.It is easier to earn here now compared before. Some of them are returning and I can see that they are becoming active again.

      Let's talk about the main topic now, why I've said that many Filipinos are doing great  here? Every day I've noticed more Filipino subscribers in my notifications. They are becoming active. Comparing their scores with other non-Filipino subscribers they are pretty good. Most of the redemption appeared in my home page were from them. I think Filipinos here became active last 5 months ago only  as I've seen their joined date. I think we are going far here and became better as time goes by. 

     The image I included here are my inspiration and I'm really proud of them. They are many but I cannot put them all in one image sinceI had a hard time editing it he he. They are also other Filipino members' inspiration. A Filipino's pride, keep up the good work and keep motivating others. Good luck to all of us.

     Cheers to all Filipino as well as other subscribers here who became close to my heart even if we didn't know each other. Long live #bitlanders !



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