Maracanã Soccer Stadium reaches 97% completion and makes the testing with general lighting sound and much more to come

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Maracanã Soccer Stadium reaches 97% completion 
and makes the testing with general lighting sound and much more to come

Stadium first game will test next Saturday's friendly between friends Ronaldo and Bebeto. Lacking only the installation of some chairs


A week after the reopening, the Maracana went on Saturday night for a test of general lighting, sound and video. This was the first time that the three systems were tested together. The stadium, which reached 97% completion, passes the final adjustments before the friendly match between friends of former players Ronaldo and Bebeto, what happens next Saturday, the 27th at 19h (GMT). Lacking only the installation of some seats in the lower stands for the closure of the reform. The "National Journal," TV Globo, followed the test.

All new lighting was tested. The system comprises reflectors 396 - each with two thousand watts of power. The four new stadium screens have also been linked together. - The images are in high definition (HD). They were placed in strategic positions to facilitate the visibility of the fans. Each will be directed along the flags and corner.

Equipped with the most modern in the world, the Maracanã has gained a sound system of high-level, with 78 speakers. There will be 26 sets of three boxes that also are already set on the catwalk coverage. Eight of these sets will be facing the field, and the others, all directed to the bleachers.

Saturday's event will be the first game test Maracana for the Confederations Cup. However, there will be no ticket sales. Only employees and their family members accompany the friendly.Will be about 19 thousand people. President Dilma Rousseff will also be present.

FRAME lighting Maracanã test (Photo: Playback / TV Globo)Maracanã underwent testing lighting on Saturday

The Maracanã Stadium is under licitation because is a propriety of the State Government and two big companies are disputing, one is the same that did the Arena do Grêmio Stadium that is on Porto Alegre, the Capital of the South of Brazil thats dont gonna be for the World Cup in Brazil 2014 like Maracanã and the Stadium of Gigante da Beira Rio in Porto Alegre that is from the Internacional Sport Clube and is under reforms to be more moderns and amplified to receive more people.  So thats the good news from Brazil after all, subscribe, make comments to participate and see our Films here at PixFlake Web TV.

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