Mariah Carey needs to retire?

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Watching Mariah Carey's Concert tour in Japan.

Mariah is out there for 25 years now. She's had many concerts around the world, live performances on certain TV-Shows, she's 44 years old now. Of course this is getting on your vocal chords. It's like an engine - the more it gets used and the older it is, the faster it doesn't do well like in the beginning. She's had many radio and tv interviews. and by the way - she's got the nodules on her pipes. and these nodules changed her voice with time. And of course the whistle register, all the high notes she's made over the years, damaged her strong, high and clear voice from year to year. But she's known for her amazing high notes. So listen to Whitney's voice years before she died, Celine's and Christina's voice - they don't Sound the same like when they came out.

I still love MC.