Marine Cody Wilson - an inspiring veteran entrepreneur

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Marine Cody Wilson was one of the most unexpected encounters of our trip to Jacksonville. Wilson is a calm and polite Marine with clear ideas and a strong vision for his future, an inspiring upcoming Veteran entrepreneur.

He opened my eyes to the great potential of opening and marketing a tattoo shop in military areas.

Every Marine has at least an average of 3 tattoos, and Camp Lejeune alone hosts about 35,000 Marines. That makes over 100,000 tattoos!

Marine Cody Wilson also has serious knowledge about the franchise associated with his project and has the intention to reach well beyond the borders of the Marine Corp.

I proposed Marine Cody Wilson to start filming the work of his favorite artists and take visual and written record of their work so that we can start broadcasting his project and generate the appropriate advertising revenues.

Here is a link to the personal Web TV of Marine Cody Wilson and his interviews.

Here is the link to (G.I.V.E.), where we are showing all interviews.

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