Mark Haddon. "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"

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Again, the book that I finished in two days. And I don't know a person who wouldn't overpower it in a short time. I am wondering, how the story could be so easy and so complicated. It is very kind and cute but at the same time completely heart-piercing. I think it affected my life somehow. I wish I could read only books that change something inside of me. But you never know until you actually finish a book. This one definitely fixed some settings in me.  

Written on behalf of mentally sick little boy, who is trying to solve a problem of his life. There is an adventure and a riddle, tears and laughter, but mostly tears... but so it's funny. You can quote it endlessly. 

Actually I started my reader's diary to memorize everything that I read, but The Curious Incident is one of that books that I will never forget. 

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