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This book is based around a Teenager named Zoey who is 'marked' as a vampire. In this particular series you don't get turned into a vampire, becoming one is a genetic thing and if you are destined to be one you will be turned during your teen years. It then takes 4 years to either turn into a fully fledged Vampyre or die. Zoey is marked and starts her new life in the house of night where she will attend school designed to teach her to be a vampyre. 
When she is at the school she discovers the leader of the dark daughters is misusing her powers and zoey is forced to step in when she realises she has been given much more powers than a regular fledgling and it is clear that the goddess has chosen her for a specific path.

As soon as I started reading this series I was hooked. 
It is not your typical vampire book and that's probably what is so appealing about it, it doesn't have the cheesy feel that a lot of YA books have either. P.C Cast's books are not normally in the YA section and is clear in her style of writing , The house of night series seems like a toned down version of her usual style which keeps the more indepth character backgrounds and depth of story but cuts out most of the adult content.

Saying that, although this is a Young Adult book and can be found in the Children Section in many book stores I would definitely not class it as a book suitable for Children under 15/16 as it does have some stronger adult content, which makes it great for older teens and Adults ( I am 26 and I loved it and have read all the others in the series).

I am not going to repeat the plot as you can find that out yourself but I will say that it is a very good blend of paranormal subject matter and normal teenage life and school problems that gives the book a unique angle. As the series progresses the plot deepens and deepens and there is always something new being added to the mix to keep you on your toes. The books also keep you guessing throughout and you never really know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and I absolutely love that about the series, it's full of surprises.

Waring : only read if you are willing to read all 11+ Books in the series so far

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