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Marketing is a term which is used in business. But, what exactly it is? is it just giving a advertisement of your product? Or maybe it's more than that. Yes, it is more than that.

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Definition of marketing can be defined as "Process through which a product move from concept to consumer". Or the act or process of selling or purchasing of a product. Or another definition can be the process of promotion, selling and distributing a product or services.

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It include four element called four P's which are:

  • Product: Selection and development of PRODUCT.
  • Price: decision and determination of PRICE.
  • Place: a distribution place of product.
  • Promotion: To advertise about your product


Four P's are classified by E.Jerome McCarthy's. These are four categories that are involved in the marketing of good or services. Marketing doesn't depend upon external factors but also internal factors. Four P's were breaked down by Neil Borden.

Marketing Four P's:

                        Marketing four p's are as follow.



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              Product refers to your good or services your business or organization has to offer. A product must meet the demand of customers or maybe it should convince customers that they need that product. Marketing usually refer to product, as it should fulfill need of customer or solve problem of a customer. customers are really boss of your company, not directly but indirectly. If you don't have customers, you have nothing. Customers are quite greedy, they want to ask you, why we have to give you our money? Are you solving our problem? Or are you fulfilling our need? If, answer for these question is yes, than first step of marketing is served as victory for you.



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                 Price is cost customer pays for good or services. It should not be either too high nor too low. But, it contains all seasonal discounts and all cut prices. Price should be choosed in accordance to the price used by the competitors. Sometimes, business should manipulate price to make a product look luxury or even lower the prices for customer to try the product which they have never bought.



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                 Place is the decision made by the business executives that how a product is going to move from them to consumer or simply how it's going to move from producer to consumer. Main goal of this decision is to move a product to customers who want to buy this product. It also something, that is your product is easily available to customers or they have to go a long way to their product. It is the availability of a product to a customer.



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Promotion include advertising or public relation and promotion strategy. In other word, it is the strategy by which business make public or their product consumer that the product has been launched in the market and it's time for them to buy it. Promotion exactly tell consumer why they should buy it, why they should pay certain for it.



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 Strategy's for marketing:


                It took a long time to develop a strategy and maintain the strategy. Marketing campaign took even more considerations. All strategy's are developed to achieve competitive edge. There are some tough times, when everything start smashing to the wall. If you find yourself in that situation, then maybe these strategy may help you to find a solution for your tough situation.

1.Collaborate with influencers:

                Another way to gain new audience is to collaborate with those you are collaborating with. Customers, who you are already influencing are going create more customers for you. Letting them share your contents you are going to gain new audience, and eventually, if you are making a good influence on your customers than congratulation, they are your free-part-time marketing agents, and they are going to be marketing your product.

2.Let customers interact:

                No matter how much great your product or services are, your customers always want to interact with you and your customers or other customers. So, its better for you to interact with them and other customers.  This will quite much help you in gaining new audience.

3.Help customers solve a problem:

                Businesses have a lot of people how are their to solve business problem, but have you ever thought that they are not the people who actually buy your product, it's actually the public. Listen to your customer's about the problems in your business, their needs and other's need. This can help you a lot in developing a great business, which have countless customers.


           These were some marketing strategy in my mind. 

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