Marketing Review about ATM CARDS in the Philippines

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The advertising message of RCBC my wallet cards states that they wanted the consumers to see about the edge of their card stating that the card itself seems like a wallet by which there is no maintaining balance and you can load it at the same time use it on other aspects not just an atm. This advertising message says that everyone can use it even the students since the parents can load the card for short use. “Magandang dalhin” because it has no maintaining balance and you would not worry about spending everything on it, so base on its demographic, all ages can use it as long as they can operate the card.


On the psychographic aspect we can say that people from any lifestyle can use it as you can see on the picture itself, different kinds of occupation is shown, working or student or even a helper can use it. Geodemographically it is only used in the Philippines nationwide since it has no VISA mark on the wallet so it can’t be used outside the country. On the behaviorgraphic aspect the word “wala pang Maintaining balance” already states the behavior of the Filipinos who use it. Since most Filipinos are under the segments B,C and D then they decided to have a no maintaining balance card so they can spend everything on it without bothering about their cards account being closed. They want to target those who uses the card for purposes like sending money, using it for a short period of time by simply loading the card and withdrawing everything on it. Filipinos behavior generally shows that we use every single penny we’ve got just to spend something so the card was made by RCBC which is very innovative. 

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