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Hello friends, followers, and Athens!

I hope everyone here will be ok, fine and happy. I’m here today to discuss an amazing relationship which makes a great change in our life and this relation is known as marriage. I’ve also submitted a blog regarding marriage and I hope you will like it. While writing that blog, I was planning to write another blog which should also be about marriage and relationship.


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Dear friends, I will explain following major things on my today’s blog and I’m sure that you will like it.

What is marriage?

Why make the marriage?

Are there some conditions and requirements for making the marriage?

How to choose a good life partner?

Love in a marriage.

Now I will move forward and will explain the first thing that what is a marriage?

What is marriage?


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Marriage is a holy relation which is created on the earth between two parties and this relationship is named as marriage. It is also known as the wedding and this relationship totally changes a man’s life and woman’s life too.
Marriage in Islam is a type of contract between both bride and groom and the marriage is made in front of parents and family with Islamic rules. Wikipedia explained the definition of Islamic wedding in following words;
In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between two people. Both the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their own free wills. A formal, binding contract is considered integral to a religiously valid Islamic marriage and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride. There must be two Muslim witnesses to the marriage contract. Divorce in Islam can take a variety of forms, some initiated by the husband and some initiated by the wife.


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Why making the marriage is important?

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The question is very necessary especially for those people who are not willing to make marriage and they think that without marriage life they are happy. Marriage is not only the relationship which is made for babies born. This relation makes a man’s life happy and full of joys. Although we read and hear different jokes today about marriage and mostly we think that marriage makes a person’s life full of tensions and difficulties. But not at all these problems are true. Marriage has also some beautiful points and I want to tell you those things which make your life beautiful.


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Dear friends, Marriage makes your life happy and major tensions are solved due to this relation. Today we are observing many issues and problems due to electronic media and marriage are the only solution to decrease these diseases. Sex is a compulsory part of humans and this is a great problem now due to fast technology. This problem can be solved by marriage. Marriage also solves many other issues and difficulties of our society.
Some people think that after marriage they will not be able to handle the expenses of the family and they think that without the proper job they can’t marry at all. Although it is a good idea to find a good job before marriage, our religion Islam tells us that marriage will help you a lot and your food will increase automatically after marriage.


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Your expenses will be controlled automatically after getting married. So I think marriage should be made as soon as possible.

Parents are responsible for the marriage of their sons and daughters. They have to marry them very soon so that they can live a happy life.

Getting married in time:

Getting married in time also helps you to build a strong career for your children. For example, you are marrying in 20 and after 20 years you will still able to work and earn, and so you can easily send your children for higher education anywhere with peace of mind.

Are there some conditions before marriage?


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I think yes because some parents and families require some special things like some people want to marry their daughter to a well-educated person. Someone may require a good job of the person. Some people require a well-educated girl for their son. These are some conditions and today there is also a very bad condition and it is asking for dowry. The requirement of dowry is very annoying and shameful for people who want to get it. This shameful act is also done in Pakistan but I think that it is the very bad thing and must be suspended by the government.

How to choose a good life partner?


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A very meaningful and good question is how to choose a good life partner in your life. This responsibility is for parents to choose a good person for their daughter and to find a good lady for their son. It is very simple but sometimes takes a lot of time in finding a good match.


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A good life partner will enrich your life with joys and happiness so always choose it carefully. You have to decide first before making the marriage. A good girl should contain following habits.

  • She should be of a good moral character.

  • She must have to respect the parents of her husband.

  • She should be beautiful.

  • Her behavior with other family members should be good.

A good person for your daughter should contain some good habits like these;

  • He should be of a good moral character.

  • His habits must be satisfactory.

  • He should not have any type of intoxication.

  • His behavior with other people should be good.

  • He should have a good job and home.

  • He should be well educated.

Love in marriage:


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After successful marriage, this is the responsibility of parents to revoke love between them. Parents should take care of them so that they can be closer. Sending them outside for honeymoon is also a good option so that they will be closer and deeper with each other. The love between them will make their marriage stronger and they will live a happy life.


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If there are some issues or problems between them then those must be solved by sitting together with parents.
I wish that my all friends live a good and happy life ahead. Dear friends, I am sure that my blog will give you a good knowledge and a healthy life ahead.

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Thanks for reading my blog.

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