Marriage (part2)

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Now  a days marriage is the big problem of the world because we are adopted that method in the cermoney the marriage in which there we need lot of money from this fear many of us they did not have money and many many of us did not put himself in this cermoney only for the sake of money.                                   If we follow the teaching of the holy prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w) in every field of life eithere marriage or any other issue then in the teaching of the holy prophet they is a easy solution of the every problem                                                                                                    If we compare the love and arrange marriage there is no love in this world without mother or our family member if we follow the advice of our parents then we will be sucessful in our life.In the islam permission of the three marriage know we are not following the teaching of the holy prophet thus in our society many of the female they did not have any relation till they are old .many of the widows they need some one help but we are totally far away from the teaching of the holy prophet and thus we are not flourishing in this world if we follow laws of islam then we will be success. 

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