Martingale Method - Does it Really Works?

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"No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn't looking."

- Albert Einstein

So, does Martingale really works? The answer is YES!!! But one thing is analysing the numbers, other thing is playing with it. Infact the method works IF we don't have a max, well, basically if you play with money, for it to work, you should have infinite money. But the method itself is proven.

What is Martingale? Basically Martingale is doubling your bet each time you lose and returning to initial bet when you win.

The problem, as you can see, is that in about 10 wrong bets, you're playing with lot's of money, even if you do a base bet of $0.01.

Basically, with $10 or $100 you WILL lose if you try to play with the method and double your investment, that's a fact...sometimes you will win more than double, other times you will lose it all, but at long-term, you will lose a lot if you always try to double your investment.

But it's possible to make it work, even if not 100%. For start, many people go to Primedice and Dadice with $1 or less, and expect to win some...forget that! Try to begin with, at least $5 (and that's nothing).

After, you must see that the Martingale system is pure maths, so, don't copy it, modify it! What I mean is, don't follow the normal steps, do it randomly. Instead of 1-2-4-8-16-32, do random sequences like: 1-1-4-6-14-28 or 1-1-3-6-12-24, etc. Another thing is to risk sometimes, let's say you start with $10, and after a few wins you have $12, you can try a sequence like 1-1-8-16-32-64 to win some more and do less bets. DON'T do thousands of bets, nothing works forever.

The trick here is not to play too much (1 hour daily is enough) and, if you start, let's say, with $5, be happy to win $0,5-$1 and get out, next day come back and do the same, imagine that you make $1 profit in 5 minutes, STOP and come back next day. Don't go on the shitty talk like : "I feel lucky", "I have to double it" or "I'm going to play a bit more", that will lead you to certain death!

After some days you'll have $10 and then you can try to make $1-$2 daily, always on 1 hour playing. After that you start to withdraw, let's say you make $2, you withdraw $1 and leave $11, next day another $1 and leave $12 and so on, when you get $20 on the site, you'll already have another $10 on your wallet and you can continue to climb to $2-$3 daily and so on. Another thing is that you don't have to always win that, you can even have already $20 and just win $0.5 daily, less risk. Here's a little table:

Balance: $5 ------ Win: $0.5-$1 Daily

Balance: $10 ------ Win $1-$2 Daily ------ Withdraw $0.5-$1 Daily

Balance: $20 ------ Win $2-$3 Daily ------ Withdraw $1-$2 Daily

And so on.

Of course this is never certain, if you gamble you are always risking your money, but like this your risk is quite low if you follow this path. I hope it helps and of course that there's a lot to talk to make you understand the complete thing, there's days where I only make flat bets and there's days where I don't even play because I won some more the day before...basically, trying to always play safe. 

Don't try to be rich in one week, that will not work, believe me.


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