masjid in the month of ramadan

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masjid is the glory place for all the human being we say that the masjid is the house of Allah the first masjid was built it name was masjid quba and after that many masjids was built up the masjid nabvi is the one of the beautiful masjid in pakistan there are many beautiful masjids 


masjid are full fill in Ramadan by the people every one can go to the masjid in Ramadan for prayer know today we are Muslims by names we are only Muslims in the month of Ramadan as this glory month ended there are only few people in Masjid


we are muslims by name masjid is the house of allah if masjids are empty then there is no glory from God then there would be difficult situation for all human being then difficulty in the form of earth quake and many others things

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