Mask of Sanity (my latest film)

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My own shoot


I have expressed my disliking of the directors role and that of a producer. This led me to try something different in this, which I hope to be the last non-fictional piece I make for my degree. So in my mind it was clear. Lets have fun with this; let’s experiment with the whole idea. Something that has been drummed into us is: ‘Make something personal’ and the answer was NO. Therefore I decided that I wanted to take the personal experiences of someone else’s life. The mask of Sanity was born, so to speak. The idea came from watching American psycho which is a really interesting piece based on the book of the same title.


The first day of shoot was made up of mistakes and delayed progression. All be it that the second day ran rather smoothly and was so much fun. The excellent crew that I assembled was marvellous throughout the two days. It goes without saying but I feel that I need to give a big thank you to George Delaforce because without him as a 1st AD who managed the crew, while I could focus on the actor, I could of not had a great shoot experience.


I truth I feel that I had lost my way with why I fell in love with film in the first place. It was to have fun and make a good film. In my assessment so far I know that I had fun on shoot and so did my crew, who were praising me for an original shoot experience. In terms of the good film part I guess we will have to wait and find out.

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Hi there, I am currently studying film production at staffordshire university. I am also passionate about photography and I want to be in the creative media.

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