Massive hair ball found inside the women stomach

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A bizarre that are spreading all over the net, shared by millions of people where the 18 year old girl named Alekseeva was admitted to hospital after she complained of having a severe stomach pains that she was unable to intake anything. After the x-ray the Doctor was so shock when they found something unbelievable insidethe stomach of the girl. It’s a hairy blockage and a ton of hairball. The doctor declared to have immediate surgery.

The hairball formed in her stomach was due to her habit and mannerism of pulling up hair from her head and picking hairs from the carpet and eat it. For how many years of doing it, she suffered severe stomach pain. This bizarre happened not only for this girl, there are several incidents around the worldhaving the same case.

After the surgery the doctor pulled out 4 lbs of hair ball. The girl promised to control herself of doing such weird habits and mannerism to prevent such incident to happen again.

Mannerism and habit of eating hair is uncontrollable if you will let this mannerism part of your daily habits. It can cause serious death if not removed for how many days more. This case became the focused of study and reference of those who are seeking explanation regarding this case.

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