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Hi bit-friends! Hope you are doing well today. Earlier this week, I had learned a new type of journaling, well I am aware of this type only through its name but never really worked on how that is done and why it is called as such. I got really interested in it after looking at some pictures online on a google search!

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So, I ended up starting my own bullet journal and I had studied the first steps which were the how to do it the beginner's way. I even blogged about my experience in the previous post. Check it here below:

Bullet Journal for Beginners Like Me!

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Because I am a newbie to this type of journal because my current journal is actually a pre-printed one sponsored by Tom N Toms through a good friend, I am so far consistent with only adding my monthly future logs but the daily one is not too often. Most of the time, I add artworks and letterings which I normally share through my steemit blog because I can post short blogs over there. I talked about creating my references for banners and more banners. Check my blog: #STEEMGIGS: Today I Learned About Bullet Journal

Today, I am again in a stint to further enhance my bullet journalling knowledge such as finding what format suits me, what other things to add to the journal and a lot more. But after all these stuff, I know that the list is actually limitless, one can do or add anything to their journal! And then out of my research, I figured out I should blog about the art materials needed to beautify my bullet journal! I bet this can be very helpful to any of you reading this blog! Let's have a peek!


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Basically, like any other journal, it just requires any type of pen and paper, any office supply you got stored in your shelves would do but since I want a colorful and very attractive one, I want to look into what the seasoned bullet journalists use to beautify their books. And I am as well sharing these with you so you can also learn from it.

And to those who want minimalist ones, am sorry to disappoint you, this won't be the right blog for it. Perhaps in the future, I'll deal with a minimalistic side but for now, let's be extra fabulous with colors and shapes and everything color majestic!

• A Blank or Dotted Notebook

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While those with lines are okay, having a blank or dotted notebook will give you the freedom you wanted in a journal. You may make your own lines, or follow the dots to create that perfect square!

The blank notebooks will also allow you to draw or doodle inside the journal which will make it visually attractive! Plus, you may also color them with markers or perhaps watercolor if that has a good paper quality! GSM matters!

Image credits: Junebride via Steemit

The current market for notebooks nowadays consider these multicolored covers so you won't worry about picking up the right ones for you! I had even picked up my Terrene Alunsina Leather Handbound Book which is a blank one, this I bought a year ago in Sagada, this is my second Alunsina Book and I love its paper texture and the cover design!

• Lots of Pens

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Here goes the ink! There's no use of a computer or anything digital in this journal so we'll have to do it the traditional way and when I say the traditional way that's by the use of our hands!

The pen list here is limitless as well, one can buy the cheap ballpoint pens and that's okay, it will work. There are expensive pens like Pilot Gtec, Pentel Hybrid Technica, Sakura Micron, Faber Castell Artist Pitt, Staedler Fineliner, the list goes on and the brands are significantly increasing in numbers too!

Image credits: onkiart

But for those looking for a colorful page with lots of shades here and there, pens like Tombow Dual Brush pens, Calligraphy Pen Sets, watercolor brush pens, highlighters, markers ( you may want to add metallic ones too!) and a whole lot more!

These journal materials are best especially for those who are into doodling, painting or calligraphy, those can be added into the pages to accentuate it and even fill up empty spaces if you don't have any other thing to add in the journal in that particular page.

• Ruler

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Obviously, there's a dire need for something to make lines, a lot of them so a ruler will be your friend, except for those who are really steady and could make accurately perfect straight lines, then you don't need one.

But because most journals should be portable, meaning it can be brought with you wherever you go, foldable or mini rulers are the most recommended.

• Washi Tapes and Stickers

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I looked up a set of journal stickers, it's an American brand on Amazon and while I was thinking if I should order one since it ships to the Philippines as well, I found out there were tons of suggestions for journaling and I can't help but look into each one of them. I know, I know, I am really into these cuties so I had to stop myself before I go broke!

Washi tapes and stickers are just the cutest, there's an unlimited selection of different brands and sellers either online or in the local school and office supply or in the craft and arts section. I go "gaga" whenever I get to see them and for sure buy one most especially when my husband and I go to National Bookstore, I would always end up buying a washi tape or stickers!

Image credits: gramunion

There are lots of uses for these tapes, designing the pages is one while stickers can be used in exchange for hand-drawn icons, it can also be used to cover up a mistake!

• Stencils

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Who said bullet journals are just for the artistic ones? Of course, anyone who is not confident enough to draw or create those shapes can use stencils! It will serve as a guide in creating icons, boxes, banners and other shapes.

I personally think this is helpful for me too because I am not that good in terms of certain forms or shapes and I want my bullet journal to have those banners and other ribbon-shaped fillers. I had already searched how much a stencil costs and I found cheap ones in Shopee! Hurray!

The designs again are endless, I was feasting on the numerous options. When I checked my cart, I figured out I had more than ten stencils selected!

• Bonus: Pen Holders

Image credits: catharinemisook

And because most bullet journals are brought along by the owner anywhere and everywhere, pen holders are really important. One can bring along an entire pencil case, no issues at all!

But for me, I recommend a roll up pen holder! It has different types, designs, and sizes depending on your pen collection and preferences. I bought one lately, it's called a lazy dog with a poker face dog at the front. It can hold around 15-20 pens of which is already enough.

Note: These pen holders can also be used as makeup brush holders!

So far, upon evaluating, I already have most of the art materials so I guess I am almost set to start making my bullet journal. If any of you is interested in this, please let me know so we can share our experiences and ideas as well!

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