Mathematical Modeling of 1st and 2nd Order System using MATLAB

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  1. Objective

The objective of this lab is to implement 1st and 2nd order systems first in matlab function method and then using SIMULINK.

  1. Analysis
  •   Mass Spring System:


We derive a differential equation for mass spring system.

  •  Speed Control:

Derived differential equation for this as follows:


  1. Procedure

     For Speed control the following are used:

  •  Constant, Gain, Sum, Intergrator, Scope and To Workspace.


  •   For Mass Spring System:
  1. Constant, Gain, Sum, Intergrator, Scope and To Workspace.


  1. Results
  • The output of mass spring system:


  • The output of speed control:   


  1. Conclusion

If we learn the implementation of physical systems and derivation of their differential equations then it is very helpful in projects and on industrial point of view.

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