May 2015 NYAC Judo Club Newsletter

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 Competition News 

Results of the National Collegiate Championship 

Patryk Obiedzinski, 73kg, Gold medal 

Wojtek Szulinski, 73kg, Bronze medal 




 San Jose State University founding and head coach Yosh Uchida, 10th Dan, with Chief Referee. Mel Appelbaum, at the National Collegiate Judo Championship at West Point on March 18, 2015. Photo by Will Williams. 







 Results of the International Training Camp and Competition Heidelberg 

Myles Porter - +100kg, Gold 


Results of the Pan American Championships Edmonton, Canada 

Women                                                                                    Men 

MALLOY, Marti, 57kg, 1st                                         STEVENS, Travis, 73kg, 3rd 

HARRISON, Kayla, 78kg, 2nd                                 KUNIHIRO, Aaron, 60kg, 3rd 

CARMICHAEL, Hana, 57, 5th                                  BOLEN, Bradford, 66kg, 7th 

MARTIN, Hannah, 63kg, 7th                                   DESILETS, Everet, 73kg, 7th 





NYAC Rankings 







Judo at the NYAC Interclub Expo


Many Thanks to Nicolas Delmotte and Christian Alverez for demonstrating Judo to NYAC members at the NYAC Interclub Expo. The Judo Club had a booth right next to the Rugby Club. Nico and Christian were throwing each other pretty hard with some Seoi Nage’s and Tsui Goshi’s and the Rugby players were duly impressed.


Upcoming Tournaments and Special Events 

Grand Prix Zagreb, Croatia 

Date: May 1 - 3 

Senior National Championships Irving, Texas 

Date: May 2 - 3 

Grand Slam Baku, Azerbaijan 

Date: May 8 - 10 

2015 Garden State Judo Classic 

Date: Sunday May 17, 2015 

Location: Boys & Girls Club of NW NJ, 153 Garside Avenue, Wayne, NJ 07470 

Contact: Ramon Hernandez, Phone 201-206-2705,

Am-Can Judo Challenge, Niagara, New York 

Date: May 23 – 24 



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Lynn Goldberg, Editor.  

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