May 2016 Earnings

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Say bye bye to May and welcome June with wide wide arms open. It's another month, another start and another chance for everyone to focus our minds with working on bitLanders. There are exciting things happening within the site which I believe everyone is going cray-cray since these are double rewards. I know most of us are into writing the contents at this point. However, I am just gonna make a straight forward blog on this topic which I always do after the end of the month. And that is:

My monthly earnings. This time, let's review the month of May!

The month of May, there were lots of things which had happened within the site and I won't be getting into the details, instead, I would just like to inform you all that it was a crazy month.

So below is the number of redemption made within this month. Originally, I was planning to keep them all and will withdraw once it reaches a hundred dollars but then I realized, my monthly earning list will be very boring if that happens.

Again, please bare in mind that I attach all redemption, even if they are not yet received as PayPal funds as long as I had requested the redemption.

I am super glad I reached 100$ this month. I am looking forward for better earnings for June. Woot woot!

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