Maybe Bitlanders is just not for me

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I joined this site a long time ago. It looked like it had potential, but it's not working out for me. I managed to gain 300+ subscribers, but I hardly get any interesting comments on posts, just pointless pictures. Sorry, but that's of no value to me.

This is why I haven't been taking time to write long posts. I've been posting to other places where I have more fun. That was Tsu (until it died) and now Steemit. On those sites I can make at least a few cents each day (up to $2 on Tsu), but here it takes days to make a cent. I know it depends on finding an audience, but I don't think people here are interested in what I write.

I do have other issues with the site. 

  1. I keep seeing the same posts on the homepage. Why come back if there's nothing new
  2. The bots pop up on chat with the same 'surveys' again and again. The points I get from that are not worth my time
  3. I rarely see any posts here that are interesting to me. Most of it I would class as 'clickbait'.

I've tried, but only making $7 after all this time is not worth it. I'd still need another $3 to cash out and I can't be bothered.

Sorry, Bitlanders. We were not meant for each other. Just Google 'steevc' and you will find me elsewhere.

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