mB 13.7289 – 1/19/15

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The treasure box last night was quite early, it had actually showed up at around nine in the evening sharp. I am quiet amazed that it has already rose up from 11mB something to thirteen. It’s really nice to receive this amount and I am getting used to it however, I am becoming a bit sad because the last buzz points have been given today. Today is actually the last day for that bonus.

I had submitted a blog for review on Friday, which was January 16, calculating that I will be receiving it the same time frame of which the first one was done but then until now, I am still unable to receive any feedback from the reviewer, Miss Hillary.

But then I am thankful, I don’t know if tomorrow’s gonna be a good day for me or if Hillary will fail to provide me the feedback score then I will be back again to the very low buzz points I guess.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing great with their bonuses as well.

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