mB 25.8271 - 2/14/15

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Good morning my fellow bitlanders! Although yesterday's a bit quiet here in bitlanders due to the issue on posting microblogs and commenting to post, I was surprised that the bonus score I had received is actually bigger than what I had earned the other day!

The commenting and the posting of microblogs only worked around four or five in the afternoon Philippine local time and so I really thought that my bonus score would really go down like big time but it was a totally different result.

Instead of posting microblogs, I tried to post more on the categories which allowed me to post on. These were my activities:

- 4 original videos
- 5 blogs which I wrote myself
- 5 galleries, my own photos as well
- buzz and shared to twitter, g+ and facebook
- added new bitlanders friends
- completed the quests
- claimed a lot of satoshis
- redeemed, that was the 11th time

And when the posting of microblogs and commenting came back, I then went on and commented as much as I can. That's it and when the bonus treasure box came in, it showed me the mB 25 amount!

And this is really interesting because my buzz score had decreased due to insufficient number of direct power ups but then the bonus score was still bigger compared to the other day so I am now really curious as to what had made it become bigger. I guess I am taking back my words when I say that the buzz score is proportional to bonus score.

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