mB 26.3014 - 1/31/15

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A new milestone was reach last night when the treasure box showed up on my computer screen and the amount of 26mB popped up! It’s just amazing how my earnings had increased to this amount. I can still remember those days when I was only getting around 0.5mB, that was around November of last year. Aha! I am now at my third month with bitlanders perhaps going fourth month and I am loving my stay here. I have learned to improve my postings because before, I would only post quotes and other stuffs randomly like I don’t have a specific trend but since December, I had been trying to be more interactive and I saw improvement on my earnings too!

It was enough for me to receive 1mB, I was totally happy when I first reach that amount. But thank you Bitlanders for giving me bigger amounts. I know words are not enough to express this gratitude.

But anyway, aside from being thankful, I am a bit hesitant if I should say this in this post but then I will just state it anyway. I am disappointed that my blog review costing had reached 100gems. Okay I know I had submitted a few, maybe more this past week but then I couldn’t really understand as to why it had reached this big. I reviewed the costing on the FAQs section stating it will depend on the promotion and the amount of submission for the day, well that was my only submission yesterday plus the avatar gear and skills, I am not sure with the skills though but the avatar gear, it was purchased as well without additional buzz points. Anyway, I had decided to not submit it right now and wait for maybe a couple of days more, I will observe the amount and will see. This disappointment doesn't mean that I don’t like bitlanders anymore, I am loving it of course but I just have to observe it further. I am simply expressing what I felt that time.

Have a great day everyone!


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