mB 2.9479 - 1/12/15

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Bonus Treasure box had given me a score which is just a bit low compared to the other day's for January 11. I am wondering why there was no increase when my buzz score had increased from 60 to 63 and that is the base score which had gone from 41 to 43. 

Until now, I am still not able to understand how this site works. As far as I know, my activity was pretty nice, I had updated and posted a lot of movies and blogs too as well as Microblogs but still the score isn't that what I had expected. Actually, I had expected it to reach the 3.something but anyways, I am still thankful, i will just observe further.

I purchased another item today though because I was so disappointed that the crown promo is no longer available, I am now wearing black leggings at this point. How do you find it?

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