mB 40.43296 - 2/20/15

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The amount I had received last night, I credit it all to bitlanders' avatar shop. I guess I am almost done with purchasing these uniforms, I only have a few more to go and I should be done with it. I hope bitlanders can give us more items in the shop with this 14 day range. But for now, let's enjoy what is left for us in there.

As you have noticed, I have been changing outfits in a day to day basis. My account is filled with cricket uniform now and I have to delete some to give way to new uniforms. I actually love the fact that I am changing outfits, it makes me feel more realistic in terms of the character. My favorite uniform is the UAE one which I had worn two days back.

Receiving reviews from blog submissions and galleries as well helped out with my earnings and I am glad that I had received one blog review yesterday. I will post a blog about it too soon.

Then there are hidden treasures as well by some bitlanders users, it happened that I was able to get some and I want to thank my dear friend here, sis Riza for that.

Hope everyone is getting bigger and bigger amount of bonuses. Better things are coming! Hope we can maintain this.



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