mB 45.18536 - 2/24/15

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Was really busy yesterday that I wasn't able to maintain my buzz scores even after receiving the daily quests and although I was expecting for my payments to arrive, it didn't so I was really expecting my score to go down. However, receiving this amount is already a blessing so I am definitely grateful for bitLanders.

Sometimes, it get to me if I should actually share my earnings here in my blog posts, it may seem to be a bit boastful and I am thinking if other users might have this impression that I am showing off to boast about it. But then there's this other persona in me which says I should post it instead for others to get encouraged and be inspired with the earnings that I am receiving here in bitLanders.

I guess the winner of the debate is no other than the one which gives a positive output, to be an inspiration to others that this kind of socializing site is indeed a legit one and all we have to do is to get our butts moving and work to achieve it!

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