mB 46.2163 - 2/22/15

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Due to some internet issues yesterday around 8:15pm, I was not able to get my treasure box's screen captured and I was really sad about it. I was totally expecting though that the bonus will be given late just like the previous days but then it came just the same time that it has been doing so before.

I was on mobile at that time because we were about to go for a trip to Oslob, my boyfriend's province but my brother informed me that his treasure box had already showed up and so I was super excited to check how much I got. Of course the additional 7 buzzes will be really helpful as well for my score so I went on and checked the bitlanders site thru google chrome but then after I logged in, it was just loading and loading with two loading animation on screen. I got really scared it might had shown up already but my phone is not giving me that screen.

I then reload it, this time, it did slowly load up but the treasure box was not anymore appearing and my buzz score had lowered three points down from 173 to 170. It made me think that my bonus score could be very lower than what I had received the other day too.

But see the graph above, that is my bonus score graph or the revenue trend and I can see thatI had 46.2163 mBTC, I got a few referral activity too! Isn't that amazing!

I want to actually get my referrals to be active too so I can also earn from their activity just like how my brother is earning from my own activity. It was funny that when he logged in he said, the referral bonus he is receiving is bigger than his own bonus. I then realize the power of referral but then I only have a few ones which are not also active but then I am hopeful that they'll get inspired with what I am earning from this site. Aside from that, the joy of sharing and making friends here does a great difference.

Hope everyone got their treasure box bonuses today!

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