mB 52.71282 - 2/25/15

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It's been a great week! I got married and the bonuses I am receiving are definitely great! It isn't really sinking much in me that I am getting these huge amount of bonuses! I look back from the time that I started bitLanders and thought I won't really stay long here because of how slow the earnings but I got really entertained with how my bitLanders friends interacts and it makes me glad so I stayed and continued.

The efforts I did while staying has been paid off with all these bonuses I am receiving and I am not done with it yet. I know there are more wonderful things coming for bitLanders. I wonder if other users are also feeling the same way but as long as we work for it, I believe everyone can get good scores too!

So I am pretty excited for tonight. Let's see how much we can get tonight!

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