mB 53.97546 - 2/27/15

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I have been receiving this kind of amount for the past three days and I am grateful about it! I know that in a week time or few days from now I will be back to getting the lower amount but let's enjoy it while it lasts and I am working on increasing my buzz scores in a daily basis like purchasing certain items from the shop just for the buzz score additional that they will be giving.

Aside from that,I am also working on referrals and subscribers. It make take a lot of convincing power to make someone join but just show them your scores and the redemption you had made through this site and I bet they'll enjoy it here.

And one more challenge is the content review. I am really a bit disappointed that it takes a lot of time to get a review. I know most of us are waiting for it as it will definitely help our buzz scores but then it is sad that we can't do anything about it but just wait. We all know that almost all active users here are submitting our blogs, galleries and movies to possibly help our scores but then we are only getting them after weeks and weeks of waiting. Lucky to those ones who receive their reviews in just days. Well hopefully, bitLanders can get more reviewers to help Miss Hillary.

How's everyone's score?

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