mB 6.8013 - 12/23/14

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Today's my last day for Bitlanders' Christmas costume bonus, I wonder if I can repurchase the costumes and get another set of bonuses, do you think it is legal to do so? Well, that made me wanna send an email to the customer service and verify, it will be really great to have an extended bonus amount for another five days.

I am quiet happy tonight even though this is the last day of getting a huge amount of buzz score because my internet connection seemed to be a bit stable. In fact, I was able to go to my friends list tonight and get their posts buzzed. For the whole week, I was not able to properly buzz them due to my slow internet connection though but thank God, it is showing a huge improvement, hope it will stay as stable tomorrow as well.

I want to thank each bitlander who had been loyal and had continuously visited my profile. 



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