MCQs : Control System Engineering(3)

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  1. Which is NOT TRUE for Closed-loop systems?
    • They are less sensitive to disturbances
    • They are stable in nature  
    • They have reduced effect of non-linearities and distortions
    • They are highly accurate and reliable
  2. Consider :
                    O: Open loop systems
                    C: Closed-loop systems.

           Which is NOT TRUE statement?

    • C require output measurement but O don’t.
    • Feedback element and error detector are present in C and absent in O.
    • C are complex but cheap while corresponding O are simple but expensive.
    • C are higher in cost and power than corresponding O are.
  1. The input to a controller in a closed loop system is
    • Sensed signal.
    • Desired variable value.
    • Error signal.
    • Servo-signal.
  2. _________is the process by which a system’s performance is determined.
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Testing
    • Trouble shooting
  3.  _________is the process by which a system’s performance is created or changed.
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Testing
    • Trouble shooting
  4. Control systems analysis-and-design focuses on:
    • Achieving stability
    • Reducing steady-state errors
    • Producing the desired transient response
    • All of the above three primary objectives.
  5. A __________ analysis can yield the percentage of change in a specification as a function of a change in a system parameter.
    • Transient
    • Stability
    • Sensitivity
    • Steady State
  1. Desirable properties of feedback control systems are
    • stability
    • accuracy
    • speed (short settling time)
    • small overshoot
    • all
  1. Sensitivity is dependent upon changes in parameters. Consider for a closed loop system
                    B:FeedBack path parameter changes
                    F:FeedForward path parameter changes

           Closed loop systems are

    • Insensitive to both B and F.
    • Less sensitive to B than to F.
    • Less sensitive to F than to B.
    • Equally sensitive to B and F.
  1. Which of the following is not open loop system?
    • low pass filter
    • motor
    • resistor
    • toasters
    • none

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