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Hi there!First of all, thank you for dropping attention.

Today, I stand strong. This is because I have people who will stand by my side. I don’t practice religion strongly. I don’t want to talk anything against any religion either. I believe in almost all, I say, almost all, or perhaps, none of them.

Religion has become a big repelling thing I am no longer attracted to. And, most wise and erudite man would abstain from talking about Religion. I’m a fool to engage myself here.

Four years back, two Christian female preachers came to my place to tell me about Lord Jesus Christ. I knew, they were converted Christians. And, I’ve read Bible somehow and watch Movies Lord Jesus  more number of times than they’ve touched Bible. I hardly touch Bhagwat Gita. I say touch; I haven’t even tried reading my holy book. I research more about Islam and Prophet Mohammad’s followers than Lord Shiva disciple. This is because I can often listen to Hinduism teaching at home.  None of them are part of my strong, happy life though. I asked these two female preachers a question. They couldn't answer. Annoyed, they left. Ah! Religion!

A few month back, as I travel through Koteshwor street Near My Home, Saw a hotel “Shiva Shankar Guest House” dazzled me. It looked a very religious hotel. Hospitality is a different game. We are so accustomed to following religion blindly that the name itself shines as a Temple to us. And, Religion became a marketing tool.

Men in saffron come for attendance every Monday to our house. They chant something ‘wise to them’, a foolish recital though, for the actual wiser one, collect few or one yellow coin and move towards the next house. Ah! Religion!

I have been watching YouTube videos  to learn Muslims Islamic idea, got a videos as well as ebooks . and I try reciting sometimes. The book has plenty of literature to reveal , I felt. I am not associated to what the book preaches; neither has it had any significance religiously, not at least to me. Keeping religion aside, it looks as best as the Bible and Gita. Contrary to the teaching, 80% of the World terrorism comes for the want to preach the idea of Fundamentalist Islamic theory. The killing and the bombing and the kidnapping are the result. Ah! Religion!

A month back Feb 13 2014, I heard someone talking over phone that a woman has fallen from the roof. She seems to be bleeding profusely. Blood was the urgent need. And, I had the required blood group. I started thinking foolish. Shall I donate or not? I’m a Hindu Brahmin (Chatri ) and she is a Kirati, of much lower caste or even a different religion, as placed by the society. Or, much foolish still, how’d it be if we’d never match the blood group on the basis of Religion? But, I gave her my blood. The family was happy, I was the happiest. And, I found my religion.As well as my Friends congrat me for the first social work i did.

She was a non-believer to me, for that very moment. I was the same. I rested my religious idea. The only thing that took over my head was ‘Humanity’. And, I’m happy, the thought of Humanity won over the Casteism theory or the religious teachings.

At times, I’d feel, religion is paradoxical.

But, I’m a believer still. It is a culture for me. My parents are God-fearing person and so I am. I say, God-fearing person. I don’t know the exact name. He might be Allah, Jesus or Shiva. No name, as specific. But, it’s a culture now.

Religion is not fascinating at all. If it is, the preachers, or the teachers aren’t.

A religious person is someone who is wise. Or, a wise person is religious in himself. None others are religious. I say, I’m not religious because I’m learning to be wise. Once I am wise, I’ll be religious. Not on the basis of the religious teachings imparted on me, but on the basis of what I’ve gone through, an effort to knowing humanity. I don’t fear marrying a Dalit Muslim girl. I say again, a Dalit and a Muslim provided her status meets me on the basis of thinking, understanding and taking life happily ahead together. Status that we define comes to me through a person, not what is given by the already existed primitive society. We have developed and came so far away.

If you ever see a debate that arises out of its own, based on Religion, you’ll see the worst it has to teach. Nobody talks wise. Even the presence of the educated  makes it no difference. It will be a one blame-game, similar to politics. The worst it is, when the blame is on everyone, not just the debate attendees.

Nobody is tolerant, no one. The birth of different branches in Religion is due to intolerant people following different religion. There are different sects of believers among the Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Heresies have been formed in Christianity since its foundation. Shia-Sunni are confused to find its leaders. And, we Hindus are wondering whom to pray.

To believe in God and fear in him is substantial. It helps in curbing the evil, to some extent because you are afraid of him which is good.

6 Years ago , I was admitted to Hospital, unconscious for 10 days. The doctor said that I won’t live. 10% chances, they said. Today, I am strong and healthy and I enjoy the best of life. And now, I exist not because of the prayer but the magic that those doctors did. Doctors are magical, not religion.

I still fear religion though.

It’s not free from anything. Differently though, Religion is very expensive. I cannot pay any money to God, I haven’t seen him. All these years, I’ve believed in what science said. If he exist, it’s wonderful. If not, let the fear remain.

A poor man lost his wife fighting against the law. He was defeated. He had no hope of winning the battle against the rich landlords .He tried, he lost. Finally, he made a plan. He proclaimed himself as God. The people started believing him. Soon, the goons were taken into custody because nobody dared to go against this man now. Once they were trapped, he surrendered in front of the people saying, “I’m as normal as anyone of you. Religion was the only medium left”.

This is because the world is blind for religion.

If you trust your God and believe your Religion, do not try to put others religion down. Putting other religion down has been one major catastrophe.

If we rest our religious ideas for a day, we’ll feel the presence of real human existence. Not denying, religion works well for people who do good. But, it always has taken an evil form, in pursuit of happiness, in the name of religion.


Indra kc (Evancho Jackie )

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