Meaning of Life?

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Have you ever asked yourself what the meaning of life is? Some people might not care, and others might be obsessed to know. If you are one of those people that care then maybe take some things into consideration.

I remember hearing a sermon that talked about the legacy that you will leave behind may be the most important thing that you will leave behind on this earth. I first have to say that in this life we end up with two numbers and a dash. It's your date of birth and your date of death. In the end the only thing that matters is your dash in the middle of those dates. The dash should show just how insignificant your life really is. In the end what do you want your dash to say? would you like it to say friendly, giving, sharing, polite, wonderful, gentle, brave, bold, powerful, kind, etc... some already have their dash saying murderer, pedophile, mean, greedy, horrible, evil, etc... and some have a dash that represents almost nothing. Almost like they just drifted through life just to exist on this planet for a couple of years. Some people go through life contributing what they can to this world and others go on trying to take what ever they can in this world. In the end what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for you and your family, because your family legacy could be great, or it could be bad, or it could be almost non existent. Your life is partaking in the legacy of your future family.

In the song Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve there is a lyric that sticks out so well to me and that lyric goes "trying to make ends meet, trying to find some money then you die". I would like my life to have a little more value than what these lyrics describe. Although for the general population these lyrics couldn't be more true. believe me, I'm trying to find some money right now LOL.

What do you live for? Is it family, God, or both, some might live for sports, but sports is so unstable. I remember when the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup against the Boston Bruins. During the games in Vancouver I saw big banners saying "what we live for". Sure the NHL and hockey is almost that of a religion in Canada, but to live for sports is a horrible idea. There we riots in Vancouver after the game because the Canucks lost. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love hockey, and hope that some day my son will have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. Some people might live for money, video games, computers, etc... who knows everyone has their own things in life that portray utmost importance to them (no judging). Just take time to think if your priorities are where they should, and don't think too hard on the meaning of life, just enjoy life when you can.

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