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While researching for my new film I began to think of objects that mean something, objects that you can place in your scene but never talk about them, just show them. I've now became a bit obsessed with them and I am constantly thinking of objects that can be placed in my film and tell a story without even mentioning them. Of course it would be left to the audience to discover them, but will they?

Which brings me onto, is there any point?

Will the audience even take any notice? or will they even understand them if they do?

The majority of films these days are about making money and the way to do that is to have a massive fighting scene with exploding cars, big robots and a superhero to save the day. So when a film comes along that actually has a real good story, with every inch of detail thought out, including what objects to place where. Does the audience take notice? or is the director just wasting his/her time?

Society is telling children to watch the acton movies and the superhero films. So will meaningful films die out with the newer generations?

Films like the six sense has so much meaning in, even the door handle was specially made so you can see bruce's reflection. But if you were to ask the young generation of which they like more, Batman or Sixth sense which would they say?

Something to think about.

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