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The fundamental belief which serve as the foundation of a religion are called its articles of faith in Islam belief in prophet hood is the second most important article of faith.

Prophet Hood means a person who speaks by divine inspiration or conveys Allah’s message to people. Prophet Hood is the channel of communication between Allah and mankind. Since the beginning of creation Allah has sent his guidance for mankind through his chosen people. Prophet Hood or Risalat is conferred on these people by Allah they are called prophets or messenger whom Allah sent to covey his teachings to the people. A prophet only interpreted and communicated what had been transmitted to him by Allah. Every prophet clearly stated that he taught was not of his own but from Allah for the benefit or mankind. He also confirmed what was revealed before him and what may be revealed after him.”

The message of all the prophets and messenger is one and the same. As Allah is one so is his message. This message is. worship Allah , as there is no god for you but he in other words all the prophets preached the message of the unity of Allah that is there is no god but Allah  all the prophets according to Islam were true and good. It is therefore mandatory for Muslims to believe in all of them regard them with reverence and respect and to make no distinction among them.

Prophets and messengers were human being. We should never refer to them as sons of Allah. Allah is one and Allah has no partner or sons. It is a sin to say that Allah has a son or partner. The Quran has expressly forbidden Muslims ascribe partners to allay.

Prophet Hood is Allah’s blessing and favors that he bestows on whom he chooses. Itcannot be acquired by prayers and worship. Those inducted to this office however were always me of exceptional piety righteousness intelligence and courage. They were gifted with excellence and spiritual qualities which other human beings do not possess. They were the best in their community morally and intellectually. This was necessary because their lives serve as an example ad model for their followers.

According to Islam Allah created man to worship him and to lead a pious and virtuous life based on his teachings and guidance. But he could not know his role and purpose of his extence unless he received clear practical instructions of what Allah wants him do. Allah therefore sent his messengers to the word chosen from different nations to convey his message to all the people he sent prophets to mankind from among themselves for their guidance and reformation because a man can best serve as a guide and example for his own race. Prophets came in different periods of history as they were needed to convey Allah’s message to human beings and to guide them.

According to a saying of hazrat Mohammad peace be upon him the number of prophets is one hundred and twenty four thousand. The quran mentions only the twenty five most prominent ones.

As Muslims we must believe in all the prophets and messenger. Allah’s guidance to mankind began with hazrat Mohammad peace be upon the last messenger of Allah.

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