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Measurements in physics is very important. To measure a quantity. We need a unit. Units are of two types Rtc Fundamental units and derived units there are different systems of Measurements. Important of these are system is called International System.To measure a quantity  we are use to drive the formula is that the quantity measure an important role in the measurement of number


               Careful study of natural is called other words  systematized knowledge derived for mcareful observation study and experiment in out of order to use principles of what  being studies

Physics :-it is that branch of science which deals with the properties of matter energy and their mutual relationship. It tries to explain the natural phenomenon in terms of fundamental principles and laws

Measurements:-it is a comparative process in which  a give physical quantity is compared with the standard quantity of the same kind

Unit:-The standard physical quantity is called a unit it is used to measure the other physical quantities of the same kind

Fundamental units:-the units of basic physical quantites are called fundamental units in other words the unit of length mass and time are called fundamentak units they cannot  be derived form one another moreover they cannot be resolved in to any thing more fundamental

Derived units :- the units in which are expressed in terms of fundamental units are called derived units in other words the units  which are obtained form one or more than one fundamentl units are called derived units  

Fundamental Units:-

1-     Meter

2-     Kilogram

3-     Second

4-     Foot

5-     Pound

6-     Slug

Some Derived Units

1-     Newton

2-     Dyne

3-     Poundal

4-     Joule

5-     Egr

6-     Foot Pound

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