measuring instruments

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always some question arises in our daily life and we are familiar about that but we do not answer it because we do not have the basic concept in our daily life about these question the questions are How far it is? How long it is? How weight it was? What the temperature is it? What the width and thickness is it? all these questions has the answer but every on is different from one another                                                                                                                               length   

                    length is the measuring instrument of the distance and height it is in the form of the foot , inches ,and the centimeters


it can measure the weight of any quantity it can measure how it is heavy and how light it is it measure in grams and kilograms


     temperature play an important role in our daily life temperature of human body or the temperature of the enviroments it can mostly measure in the centigrate 

   vernier calliper and screw gauge 

                     these are the most power invention of the modren time from these we even measure the thickness of blade and small tube width till to 0.01mm

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