Media is Best Way of Communication

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Media refer to Mass communication as broadcast media, print media and the web media, Television and radio are best sources media, Newspapers are also ways of Media, and The Media is important source of information in our life.


Every Media has its own advantages like internet is also infinite source of information and we can search thousands information in this we can watch sports, News and we can also download our study course through internet. But it is a disadvantage of internet is that we cannot use internet in villages due to signals problem so in this area, Television, Radio and Newspaper are best source of media. Internet is expensive source of information so often people read newspaper and watch television also.


In Asia, There are limits to press freedom, although most of our news through the media as many of us has little time to read books or journals. News is also reliable on the internet. We can use Media for the entertainment. Mostly young generation use media for the movies and sports also while old people watch news on T.V. We can watch national and international news on TV. Media builds the nations. The power of media is very strong so well educated can use the media with easier method.  All business companies use media to sell their products.

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