Medicines safe the life of human being

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Human beings are very sensitive specie.In ancient time the peoples lead a simple life.Their environment are clean and they use fresh vegetables,fruits,fresh milk and every thing would be pure.In the young age people are very healthy and more powerful.

Due to utilization of all natural things the people can not sick and no use of medicines take place.If any person is sick than peoples give treatment at home with different type of plants root and there are no concept of medicines and hospital in this time.

After a long time ago the scientist get success in the medical treatment.The modern inventions totally change the natural treatment and also change the life of human being.But also this change are effect on the environment.There are so many factors that effect the human health.These factors are pollution dirty environment,pollutes air and water,poisonous fruit and vegetables etc.

By the increasing large number of dangerous diseases doctors used the modern technology and made the medicines for every disease.These medicines cure the life of human being.There are so many side effect of medicines but instead to this it is very beneficial for human life.

Every disease can be cure by medicines.So we can say that it is the gift of science that safe the human life on a large scale.

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