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                Many of us don’t succeed and reach our goals. We conclude immediately that we are not fortunate that’s why we suffer. But is this really the reason behind it? Are we just not lucky or we are just lazy? Or maybe we already accepted that we cannot do more without even trying. This is maybe the reason why we fail most of the time or don’t reach the peaks of our ability.


                Today, there are students who yearn only to achieve the passing grade or to pass the exam. In the old days, even though you achieve the highest score and highest ranking, sometimes the medal that you will receive bought only in the sidewalk. But it is not the piece of medal itself that you really want. It is happiness and contentment of your parents who are really working hard for you to finish your studies.  That medal you received may loss and misplaced but the memory of receiving it because of your hard work will always remain.


                There are boys who give up immediately when they are ignored by the girl they loves. The question is, did they even gave their girl flowers or ask what they really want? Because of the technology, some courts only using cellphones and internet sending emails and chats. The physical touch and the best efforts are gone. Not everything we want can be achieved instantly. Sometimes the most difficult things and we’ve made effort of are really the happiest moments we can achieve.


                Before, many of us are really dedicated in their work but now only contented in receiving the current salary. Where is our hard work? Where is our eagerness and initiative to learn or do something more? How can our employers trust us more if we are lazy and uninspired?


                Above are just examples of our laziness and mediocrity. Most of us only accepts the ordinary and average when we can do more. This blog is just a reminder that we should always try our best in everything we do. Of course there will come a time that we will still not succeed, but it will only ends when we started to give up. Always work hard and do your best to achieve your dreams. Don’t just accept the low quality, not good performance and not very good within you. You can be better. You can do more. You can achieve more. Work hard and PRAY more.

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I'm Rod. I'm a Broadcast Engineer. I'm also a musician, composer and arranger of Kapampangan Liturgical Music. I love to write blogs related to the reality of life. I'm also an avid NBA fan and basketball blogger.

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