Meet My Snow and White Pet Fishes

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Meet my old fish pets, this one up here is Snow while the one below is White. Snow is shy while white is really friendly. They are albino P. socolofi cichlid fishes which my boyfriend and I bought during our second year anniversary. He had kept it and nurtured them but since he has to transfer to another apartment and the place isn't really big enough to accommodate the two of them, we have to give them up, we had given them to our dear friends so they are surely be taken cared of.

I like White because she always stares at us whenever I am there. I love their energy as they are both active yet Snow would always hide himself behind the rocks for us not to see him. But at some rare cases, he goes out with White, maybe she had convinced him to go and have a pictorial.

The photo above was a rare case when Snow went out and I got my camera with me. Yey! Got a picture of them together but still he did't go anywhere so I took another shot but then he immediately hide himself again and so White was left alone in the next photo.

I wonder if I can get another tank and set of cichlid fishes again. Maybe once we are on our own house, soon.

Anyone here had a fish pet?

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