Meet The Adorable Kitty at Cutie Cat Caffe – Kemang, South Jakarta

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Cutie cat cafe is a first cat cafe in Indonesia. Located in Kemang Street, –known as culinary and entertainment centre in South Jakarta- Cutie Cat cafe is an integrated place where you can play and also enjoy the sweet cakes and drinks with the adorable and cutest furry creatures.

Cutie cat cafe concept adopted from Taiwan and Japan. According from wikipedia, Cat cafe concept was introduced at Taiwan in 1998 and suddenly phenomenal in Japan, europe, and the united states.





Considering i am living in a dorm house, it is impossible for me to pet them. Definetely this cafe should be one of the top list must visited. So, last week, i am decided to visit their cafe after working. Lucky me, The location near from my office, its only takes around 15 minutes by motorcycle. I am arrived at House Pika-Pika building. At the hallway, they welcome customer with few cat wall paintings as guarantee that you came at the right place.


(The Building : taken from


At 2nd floor, The decorations influence with japan cafe likes the slippery rack, curtains, small windows, and sliding doors. I am checked out the cake displays-many various cakes like banana cakes, carrot cakes, and etc- and not to mention their trademark cupcakes shapes like kitty. All meals start from IDR 18 K- 150 K ( $ 1 - $ 11).  If you want have experience feed them , they provided cat snack only in IDR 25 / $ 1,8. I am paid enterance fee (IDR 55 K / $ 3,9) for one hours not include free meals/drink :( . The waiters asked me to used slippery and brief some rules likes prohibited used straws, pen, or paper while your playing with them, no picking up without staff supervision, and no flash when your taking pictures. It can caused annoyed or shocked for cats. Ok, Noted !!!.


(Delicious cakes and cupcakes ready to served - Photo taken by me)
(Put your shoes here. Photo taken by me)


My first impression of the playroom , It`s perfect and cozy place. The room is cool enough, clean, odorless, and the lighting is bright. There`s 6 table seating and each table be equipped 4 round container to puts the plastic cups drinks. At edutaintment corner, you can found Big screen tv , bookcase, and posters. At the centre, It has 2 huge cat house and each of it be equipped scratching post. Yes, you know that cat hunger to stratch. If those furry need `me time`, you can check out their room that has made from wooden square box and few pillow. Do not distrub them when they decided to stayed there,it means the sleeping beauty time. If you desperately need their attention, go grabbed some toys and made they catch of it. To me, never boring saw their hunted behaviors. Cats loves height so much, so dont be suprised if they climbed all to wooden stairs in every side of the right wall. i thought their enjoy look down the kingdom terittory or just thinking how good or bad day they had :D. For the daily routine or i called “duty call” spot, there`s food, bowl, and litter box.

(The Playroom - Photo taken by me)
(The table and cats pillow- Photo taken by me)
( Cat tree house- Photo taken by me)


(Special bedroom - Photo taken by me)


(Wall Climbing-  Photo taken by me)



 There are 15 kitty in there includes maine coon, scotish fold, himalayan, exotic, and persian race. Unfortunately, there is no the british short hair , my favorite ones :P. All the residents seems has great health, wealth, and showered by love from their staff and the big fans. Mostly, they attractived and friendly. I dont know their all name, and dont played with them all. i am arrived after their meals time and few cats has been sleep.


He is a maine coon race. He`s super big and tall cat and perhaps being a leader in here. I guess he named as karamello because his caramel colour. There`s a funny moment at the play rooom. When i opened the door, for few seconds, We did staring contest. I thought he observed and curious with the new guest. At that moment, i harldy to resist not to smiled and laughed with his looks (not to mention his sharp eyes and fierce look). When i takes a sit, his eyes still followed me!!!. Suddenly he came at me and crawl to the table and another staring contest begin :D. It`s kind a rude if i am ignore his presence , so i am coaxed him and unfortunately, i am not trusted enough so he bited me Twice, LOL. Need more visited hour to get to know him then :D.

(The fierce look of Karamello - photo taken by me)


His a Bengal race. Claimed as super sexy cats. Look out his dark brown colour and faboulous pattern. He`s kind of mini wild cat but has soft personality.

(Argo The Bengal - photo taken by me)


Fox is a persian. I love the way it looks. I claimed fox is a cutest and the most fotogenic because her awareness with the camera and know how to pose.

(The cutest pose of Fox, the persian- photo taken by me)


I hardly to taken good picture of this scotish fold. She`s tend to shy and avoid when saw the camera : ( ... i must have been patiently waiting to capture good angle of her, unfortunately, mission failed. She`s the one my reason i visited this cafe. Her monochrome colours is amazing and thats made me more I am curious about this kind race. But, there`s always for the next day, right?

(Shy attitudes of Miss Usagi- Photo taken by me)


I am satisfied enough to enjoy the ambiance and perfect place to recharge your energy. Similiar with another pet house like dogs, playing with  this cute furry, it will increased your happiness. Its proved by research - According from the huffington post

“Studies show that cat purrs can help lower their owner's stress levels as well as reduce their blood pressure. Additionally, cats can create purr vibrations from 20 to 140 Hertz, a frequency said to be medically helpful for a variety of illnessess if you needed one more reason to scratch behind your kitty's ears! “

Wow, it it one of the solution for any any jakartan (refer as Jakarta people) like me - who trap in busy life and easly to get stressed. Unless, you are a cat phobia, this would be mass terror for you and will be annoying for any kitty lover.


(Perfect place for dating too :D - photo taken by me)



  • Avoid visit at 04 PM – 06 PM because thats their meals time. I am arrive at 5 PM sharp mostly cats still sleep. I just had a chance to played with a few of them. Above 6 PM, suddenly the room was crowded because cats ready to played again!!.
  • I am just lucky to visit here because near with my office. but still, i should takes more 1 hour from outside south Jakarta.


(Meals time at 5 PM- Photo taken by me)







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