Memorial Stadium

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In early 1981 when my oldest son was just about 13 months old my mother and I took him to a Baltimore Orioles baseball game at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. We had a great time and went back there several times including in April 1984 when my youngest son was almost 6 months old.

The stadium was located on 33rd Boulevard renamed in the memory of a great baseball player, "Babe Ruth Plaza" and the building was completed on December 2, 1922 and rebuilt with more modern facilities in April of 1950.

At one time the park was used for some football games. On December 19, 1976 moments after a playoff game had completed a small private plane crashed into the field. In 1964 the schools were having a safety patrol event at a baseball game there when an esculator malfunctioned killing on 13 year old girl and injuring 90 some other children!


On December 14, 1997 the Baltimore Orioles as well as other professional sports teams stopped using Memorial Stadium for their games. The park is now used for little league and other youth games..

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