Mentoring the Mentors is a business for Veterans.

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In the last two weeks, we have been working on our new initiatives, using the best that Film Annex's online video platform has to offer(G.I.V.E.) Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship and The Afghan Development Initiative. In conjunction with other projects, we had several meetings with entrepreneurs, business people, writers and diplomats on how to make money through a website. The conclusion is simple: the transfer of skills from military to private enterprise is a winning formula in today's hyper competitive markets.

Thanks to the Mentorship program to Veterans, I also realize that the Marines I work with are actually mentoring and inspiring me to come up with new and daring ideas while using the best of our online video production capabilities.

This weekend, I will have a follow up meeting over a possible distribution of Chocolates in Afghanistan, inspired by Marine Luke Sanford.

Today, I had a 4-hour meeting with a leading Medical and Health Communication company, and some of Shane Loughner's ideas served as inspiration. His video will come up soon on GIVE Web TV.

We are working with our Afghan office and Roya Mahboob to establish a film and video production company team in Kabul and Herat to document the construction of the first Internet point in a High School in Herat. We will get this started this March. Marine Marine Payton Habbot, Marine Luke Deer and Marine Jonathan Weinkiper opened my eyes to those matters.

Marine Cody Wilson picked my brain over the value of creating Tattoo parlors. We are planning a virtual version of it on a dedicated Web TV.

Marine Luke Deer has also inspired me with the idea of a Virtual Boot Camp and Training tutorials by Marines for the rest of humanity.

Yes, Mike Sweeney and I mentor them on writing skills and SEO optimization. They mentor us on new and forward business ideas.

It is amazing how a veteran support organization so easily turns into a series of veteran business opportunities for business people in Manhattan. Mentoring the Mentors is defenitely a business for Veterans.

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